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We strive to deliver an exceptional healthcare experience. We use a patient centered approach focusing on meeting all of a patient’s needs.

Discover clinical studies near you in Boston, Massachusetts

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Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are investigations conducted to assess the safety and efficacy of medical interventions, treatments, and procedures. MetroBoston conducts clinical trials that enable patients to have advanced access to new and groundbreaking treatments for various disease states. Patients who enter a clinical trial are required to follow a strict protocol which standardizes the evaluation of potential new medical treatments.

The health and well-being of the participants are closely monitored throughout the trial. MetroBoston is devoted to conducting clinical trials for inseveral areas of healthcare. These include dermatology, internal medicine, psychiatry,and podiatry.

Enroll in Clinical Trials

MetroBoston Clinical Studies


Participating in clinical trials presents an excellent opportunity for individuals to obtain study treatments and contribute to scientific knowledge. MetroBoston conducts clinical trials to study the safety and effectiveness of new medications, treatments, and procedures. By participating in our clinical trials, you may receive access to advanced treatments that are not yet widely available to the public.

Additionally, our experienced medical staff will provide you with close monitoring and care throughout the study. We understand that participating in a clinical trial is a significant decision. Therefore, we are committed to ensuring that all participants are thoroughly informed and supported throughout the process. If you are interested in learning more about our ongoing clinical trials and the eligibility requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Clinical studies near you in Boston, MA

Get Compensated For Your Time

Participants in our clinical trials are compensated for the time and effort they put into the study.

Gain Access To Study-Related Care

Our clinical trial participants are provided medical care and monitoring related to the study.

Gain Access To Study-Related Care
Clinical trial process includes screening, obtaining informed consent, and monitoring each step of the study protocol.

Our Process

A clinical trial is a process that includes screening, obtaining informed consent, and closely monitoring each step of the study protocol ensuring patient safety.

Currently Recruiting

Enrollment is currently open! The following clinical studies are available for you to participate in. For further information, search for clinical studies near me in Boston.