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Our Clinical Trial Center in Boston

Looking for a clinical trial center in Boston near you?

Our locations are listed below.

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Our Locations in Boston, Massachusetts

Our facilities serve as a hub for innovation and collaboration in the field of clinical research. Our strategic locations provide easy accessibility for both participants and research partners, fostering seamless coordination and maximizing the potential for successful study outcomes.

Clinical Trial Center in Boston - Washington St. Brighton

Washington St. Brighton

Suite 204, 280 Washington Street, Brighton, Massachusetts, 02135

Our clinical trial center in Boston allows us to tap into a diverse and dynamic patient population, encompassing a wide range of backgrounds, ages, and medical conditions. This diversity enhances the representativeness and generalizability of our research findings, enabling us to contribute meaningfully to the advancement of medical knowledge and the development of novel treatments. In Washington St. Brighton, we combine a strategic location, collaborative opportunities, and a diverse patient pool to create an optimal environment for conducting impactful clinical research.

Dedham Ave. Needham

Suite 206, 60 Dedham Ave. Needham, Massachusetts, 02492

With Needham as a hub for healthcare excellence, our location enables us to stay at the forefront of medical advancements and deliver innovative research that contributes to improved patient care. Needham’s excellent transportation infrastructure ensures easy access for both residents and individuals from diverse areas, facilitating seamless participant recruitment and engagement throughout the clinical trial. Our proximity to diverse neighborhoods also allows us to tap into a varied patient population, enriching our studies with a wide range of backgrounds, demographics, and medical conditions.

Clinical Trial Center in Boston - Dedham Ave. Needham